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Invite An Architect Over . . . See What Happens

Sandra Paim Architect sees the big picture and creates total environments – exciting, enlivened spaces to work and live in while guiding you through the design and construction process and making the most of your construction dollar.

She solves problems in creative ways by providing design alternatives you've not considered before by designing for today while considering your needs for tomorrow.

Hiring Sandra Paim saves you time and money. Architectural services are a wise investment, not an added cost. Thorough drawings and specifications make it easier to accurately price and build your project based on your design needs. A well conceived project can be built more efficiently and economically.

She designs energy efficient buildings and can suggest appropriate materials for your project while insuring optimum comfort and livability.

Sandra Paim Architect makes your life easier by coordinating a team of experts, sorting out complex building codes and zoning laws thereby finding ways to make the process go smoothly. Regular site visits help verify the project is in compliance with the plans and specifications.

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Sustainable Architecture

Integrated Design

Historical Renovation

Blending Architecture
and Landscape Design

Thoughtful Design Process
with Budget in Mind

Two-Hour Design Consultation

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